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Does A Room Have To Be Empty To Lay A Carpet?

Does A Room Need To Be Empty To Fit A Carpet?

Yes, to fit your carpet correctly and smoothly, you should ideally have the room empty and free of futniture and remove anything that could potentially be damaged. Read more below.

Does A Room Have To Be Empty To Lay A Carpet?

If you’re getting a new carpet you may be wondering if you need to empty the room. The answer is yes, you should have your room cleared ready for the carpet to be fitted.

Here’s a handy checklist of things you should do to get your room ready for your new carpet before it arrives.

Move Furniture Out Of The Room

To get your room prepared for the fitting of your new carpet, the room needs to be cleared. This is so the fitters need space to work in, and of course your floor needs to be laid in an empty room.

Make sure the room is cleared of any furniture including large and smaller items and any other furniture in the room.

Remember if you’re getting a new living room carpet you’ll also want to make sure any breakable items are out of the room, and may have to disconnect electricals if they cause an obstruction.

Remove Your Old Carpet

You’ll want to remove your old carpet or flooring before getting your new carpet fitted.

If you have a carpet, you can make this easier by cutting it into more manageable pieces and then rolling it up and removing it from the room.

Sweep or vacuum the floor if there is any dust, and if possible open the window so it’s ventilated.

Your room will now be ready for the new carpet to be fitted. If you are having problems with a large item or two in a room, please let us know beforehand and we may be able to arrange something.

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