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The Best Luxury Carpets For Your Home

Picking out a luxury carpet for your home can be tough. When it comes to super soft flooring, there’s plenty of choice out there.

Whether you’re looking for a new floor for your bedroom, a premium carpet for your living room or want to add some class to any room, a luxury carpet will do that.

These are the best luxury carpets you can buy for your home right now.

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Does A Room Have To Be Empty To Lay A Carpet?

Does A Room Need To Be Empty To Fit A Carpet?

Yes, to fit your carpet correctly and smoothly, you should ideally have the room empty and free of futniture and remove anything that could potentially be damaged. Read more below.

Does A Room Have To Be Empty To Lay A Carpet?

If you’re getting a new carpet you may be wondering if you need to empty the room. The answer is yes, you should have your room cleared ready for the carpet to be fitted.

Here’s a handy checklist of things you should do to get your room ready for your new carpet before it arrives.

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How To Choose Carpet Colour – Light vs Dark Carpets

Choosing a colour of your carpet is an important step in your room decor. Deciding between a light and dark colour carpet is something you need to think about.

You want to get the colour right for your room, picking out a colour which goes well with your own style as well as the furniture and fixtures in your house.

When it comes to choosing light or dark colours, there’s a few things you can take into consideration.

These are the pros and cons of picking a dark or light colour carpet for a room in your house.

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Polyflor LVT

budworth expona6

Polyflor expona encore rigid loc LVT

Today we are reviewing this fantastic new LVT from polyflor.

At first glance it is very different from traditional LVT flooring and the first thing you will notice is that the board in much thicker and “rigid” in fact it appears more like a laminate floor than a vinyl floor.

The rigid board has a click style locking joint much like a laminate floor and features the 5Gi locking system which makes for a much quicker and easier fitting process.

It is a loose lay system with no adhesive required, it also has a built in acoustic backing so can be fitted  to many sub floors with little or no expensive preparation including directly over ceramic tiles (so the nightmare of having to remove them is gone). So in most cases if you have had laminate flooring fitted then you can have this with zero floor prep.

Wear rating on this product is a very impressive 0.55mm wear layer meaning very heavy wear and is suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.

Overall we were very impressed with the quality of the board, the excellent locking system and the quick installation times.

This is without a doubt a 10/10 product and we look forward to fitting much more of it in the future and can recommend it to all of our customers.


Centaurus carpet review

Associated weavers Centaurus.
We love this carpet, it is a saxony with a twist.
The twist is the metallic silver or rose gold metallic foil embedded into the yarn to give a sparkling shimmering appearance.
It has a 17.5mm deep pile for a luxury feel underfoot and comes with FusionBac, a unique premium carpet backing. It is made by fusing together a fleece layer and a woven polypropylene backing for ease of fitting and to lessen any possible damage to wall coverings and decor.
Suitable for, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and even hall, stairs and landings.
Made from 100% polypropylene it is easy to look after and should the worst happen it is even 100% bleach cleanable.
We particularly like the appearance of this carpet in the evenings as the light catches the metallic foil strands, just the right amount of bling to look classy.
We would recommend this carpet for anyone looking for a very modern look and a luxury feel underfoot, in 9 great colours.
Priced currently at a very competitive £19.99m2 we believe it is a great buy.


Grey is the new……

Grey is the colour of the moment.

If you are looking for the latest ideas we have it covered.

From the supersoft iSense and invictus carpets including serenity, splendour, seduction, Centaurus, Orion, Sirius and many more.

Beautiful grey laminate floors fitted to perfection.

From hardwearing living room and bedroom carpets to full house deals.

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