Luxury Saxony Carpets

Get comfort and style with a Luxury Saxony carpet. Deep and luxurious piles, you will definitely eel the difference under your feet with a Saxony.

The super soft ranges are the perfect choice for a living room carpet when you want the WOW factor. They’re also an excellent choice for bedrooms, on a cold Winter morning your feet will feel the quality and warmth of the carpet.

We have a large range available which you can see below. You need to come in store and try out this range to get a sense of what the fuss is all about.

Comfy Carpets & Supersoft Carpets


The iSense Range

iSense Splendour

iSense Serenity

iSense Obsession

iSense Surprise

iSense Suspense


The Invictus Range

Invictus Centaurus

Dorado – The Aquarius Collection

Indus – The Aquarius Collection

What is a Saxony carpet?

It’s not a silly question! If you’re asking yourself what makes a Saxony Carpet the answer is quite an easy one.

A Saxony carpet is a type of carpet with a soft pile which is weaved incredibly densely and typically level cut. This gives a deep and luxurious feel. They can be hard wearing but are very plush, and often thought of as a superior carpet because of their feel.

A luxury Saxony is made in such a way that it’s distinctive feature is it utilizes a bold or contemporary look, rather than a texture or tonal finish. These styles are chic and fashionable, and work well with décor in the modern home today.