Noble Heathers Carpet

Noble Heathers Saxony Carpet

Noble Heathers by Balta Carpets is the latest incarnation of the top-selling range ‘Noble Saxony’ and its add-on range ‘More Noble.’

This time they’ve decided to go with a flecked, heather design and it works very well in this range. It comes in 10 neutral and grey tones and is made 4 metres or 5 metres wide off the roll. A great choice for any room, it could be considered for a bedroom carpet as seen in the photo above.

Like the other versions of this carpet, it is made from 100% stainfree polypropylene, 2-ply yarn, a choice of action or Balta’s own ‘Ultratex’ felt back (better than a lot of other felt-backs) and has a pile weight of 31oz with a pile height of 9.5mm.

This saxony carpet is a tremendous  buy – we’ve sold a lot of this carpet range over the years and at £11.99 per square metre you can’t really beat it.