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How To Choose Carpet Colour – Light vs Dark Carpets

Choosing a colour of your carpet is an important step in your room decor. Deciding between a light and dark colour carpet is something you need to think about.

You want to get the colour right for your room, picking out a colour which goes well with your own style as well as the furniture and fixtures in your house.

When it comes to choosing light or dark colours, there’s a few things you can take into consideration.

These are the pros and cons of picking a dark or light colour carpet for a room in your house.

Advantage Of A Light Colour Carpet

Advantages Of A Light Colour Carpet

Makes The Room Look Larger

A light colour carpet will make your rooms look bigger. If you’ve got a room that’s on the small side, having a light colour carpet can make a room appear bigger.

White, beige and other light netural tones are great carpet choices for a light colour scheme.

Hides Hair And Light Dirt

If you’ve got a room which gets hair and light dirt on frequently, lighter tones in the carpet will hide these better than a dark carpet.

Hair and lint is usually light, so having light flooring will make it harder to see at a glance with the naked eye.

Brightens Up A Room

The most obvious plus point of a light colour carpet is that they brighten up a room. If you love a light and airy look for your room, picking out a light colour carpet is the way to go.

If you’re looking for a bedroom carpet to brighten up the room, a light colour is a good way to go.

Light colours aren’t only good for small and dark rooms, but also brighten up rooms which already have good lighting. This is particularly good in the winter when the darker nights draw in.

Lots Of Light Colours Makes It Easy To Match Furniture

Light colours are very easy to match up with furniture. You can go for a few shades of light colours in your sofa and other furniture, or opt for darker colours to create a contrasting style.

The Traditional Look And Feel

Light colours such as beige are a traditional colour carpet that have stood the test of time.

If you’re looking for a traditional look or aren’t sure of a colour, you can’t go wrong with a light neutral colour such as beige.

Disadvantage Of A Light Colour Carpet

Doesn’t Hide Stains Or Spills

The most obvious drawback of a light carpet is they’re susceptible to stains. Spilling liquids or other stains will show up on a light carpet far more easily than a dark colour carpet.

Mud And Other Dirt Will Show More Easily

There’s also mud and other dirt which will show more easily. This could be a problem in a busy home particularly in high trafficked areas such as hallways, kitchens or living rooms.

May Be Too Bright If Your Room Is Light

If you’ve already got a very bright room picking out another bright element such as a carpet might make the room look too bright.

Advantages Of A Dark Carpet

Advantages Of A Dark Colour Carpet

Hides Dirt Easily

The biggest advantage of a dark carpet is that it can hide dirt. Dirt and mud is far harder to notice on a dark colour carpet than a light floor.

Get A Warmer And More Intimate Feel

A dark colour carpet will give your room a warmer look, with an intimate feel. Dark colours are good in large rooms as well as small ones, and give you that cosy vibe you might be going for.

If you’re looking for a living room carpet with a cosy and warm vibe, a dark colour would be a great choice.

Dark Colours Look Really Stylish

A dark colour carpet looks really stylish. Dark colour carpets are trendy and will look really good in any room where you want a modern feel.

Very dark grey and black colour carpets are really trendy and will give off a modern feel in your house.

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Great For High Traffic Rooms And Floors

If you’ve got a room which is busy, a dark carpet will be a great choice. As mentioned, they are better at hiding dirt and easier to keep clean looking.

Disadvantages Of A Dark Colour Carpet

Can Make A Room Feel Smaller

Dark tones can make a room feel smaller. If space is tight in a room and you want it to look more spacious, a dark carpet wouldn’t make the best choice.

Can Show Light Dirt, Dust And Hair More Easily

While a dark carpet can hide mud and dark dirt rather well, lighter problems can be seen. Stray hair and lint is light by nature, so will be more visable against the backdrop of a dark carpet.

Can Show Wear Easier

If you have a specific spot or part of the carpet which is highly trafficked, it can show more easily on a dark colour carpet.

Summary: How To Choose A Carpet Colour

And there you have it, how to choose the carpet colour and the advantages and disadvantages of a dark or light carpet in your house.

Picking out a colour comes down to a few things, including your own personal style, tone of the room and purpose.

You can get a taste of the colours in our carpet shop in North Shields, and take a look in person at the colour options for each carpet.