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The Best Hard Wearing Carpets For Your Home

The Best Hard Wearing Carpets For Your Home

If you’ve got a busy household, then choosing some hard wearing carpets can be an investment.

Stain resistant carpets that are easily cleaned are great if you have a lot of people in your rooms.

From luxury Saxony carpets to Berbers, here’s some of our best hard wearing carpets you can buy today.

The Best Hard Wearing Carpets For Bedrooms

Busy or messy bedrooms might be the norm, so if you don’t want to worry about what’s on your floor, these are some great hard wearing carpets for bedrooms.

Stainfree Ultra & Twist

Stainfree Ultra And Twist Carpet

Loved for it’s feel and quality fit, Stainfree Ultra & twist carpet is a great choice for bedrooms.

Available in a range of muted and neutral colours, it will leave your bedroom looking smart as well as being backed from the Stainfree Guarantee.


Maximus Carpet Is Hardwearing For Bedrooms

A dense thick pile twist, Maximus carpet has all the features you need for a good bedroom carpet.

A 12 year wear warranty from Abingdon comes along with a nice range of colours to suit all bedrooms.

Apollo Elite

Apollo Elite heard wearing carpet for bedrooms

A heavyweight stain-resistant option, Apollo Elite carpet is available in 14 colours and heather shades for your bedrooms.

From Cormar Carpets this is made from 100% Excellon polypropylene and is suitable for extra heavy domestic use.

Inglewood Saxony

Inglewood Saxony Carpet

Not only is does it have a luxurious feel, but Inglewood Saxony is a carpet that is hard wearing too.

It comes in 15 heather colours and uses Cormar’s two fold yarn. This chunky pile is one of the best selling Saxony carpets around.

Don’t forget to check out the best luxury carpets for your home too.

Best Hard Wearing Carpet For Stairs

When there’s a lot of traffic on your stairs, you’ll want the carpet to look it’s best for as long as possible. These are our top picks for hard wearing carpets for stairs.

Stainfree Tweed

Stainfree Tweed Carpet by Abingdon

Get a carpet with a bit of texture, the Stainfree Tweed carpet is a good choice. Rather than a plain and simple design the colours give off a natural textured look.

It comes in a number of neutral colours, and is backed by Abingdon’s 10 year wear warranty.

Linwood Twist

Linwood Twist Carpet

A bleach cleanable easy-clean twist is what Linwood Twist is all about. Coming in 16 colours and backed with a 10 year stain and wear warranty, it’s a great choice for a hard wearing stair carpet.

Primo Grande

Primo Grande Carpet

An extra heavyweight heavy domestic stainfree twist is what Primo Grande carpet is all about.

It’s made in England from 100% Excellon polypropylene by Cormar Carpets, coming in a range of 16 great colours.

A great hard wearing carpet for any room in the house.

Home Counties

Home Counties Carpet

Made from natural New Zealand wool in an 80% blend, Home Counties Carpet looks and feels the part.

Available in impressive 18 colours, This wool twist is hard wearing and great for any room in the house including stairs.

Best Hardwearing Carpet For Living Room

When it comes to your living room there’s a good chance it’s a room you’ll be in a lot. You’ll not only want your floor to look great but to last too.

These are the best hard wearing carpets for your living room.

Woodland Heather Twist

Woodland Heather twist carpet

A British wool twist, Woodland Heather twist is a tenth gauge pile carpet which gives a dense pile surface.

It comes in two weights, Elite and Deluxe both being great hardwearing choices for the lounge.

Primo Ultra

Primo Ultra carpet is a stainfree main-made twist with a massive 30 colours to choose from making this a great choice for living rooms.

Made by Cormar, this carpet is suitable for heavy domestic use making it a good choice for a busy living room.

Primo Tweed

Primo Tweed Carpet

Available in 14 contemporary colours, Primo Tweed carpet is a good choice for stairs as well as other rooms in the home.

A twist pile that is bleach cleanable and stain free, this easy-clean carpet is another good option for your floor.

Natural Berber Twist

Natural Berber Twist Carpet

Comin in two weights, the natural Berber twist is a wool twist pile which makes a great choice for a living room. Coming in natural flecked heather shades it comes from Cormar Carpets and is a fine choice for your home.


Malabr Textures is a 100% pure wool Berber carpet from Cormar. Available in 8 shades in 2 different styles, making it a good choice for living rooms.

Summary: The Best Hard Wearing Carpets For Your Home

And there you have it, the best hard wearing carpets for your home. Whether you’re looking for a hardwearing carpet for your bedroom, living room or stairs, these are all great choices.

Come into our carpet shop in North Shields to check out all these carpets in person and you’ll be able to arrange a measure, fitting and more.