Buying Carpets Online vs In-Store

For most things, online shopping is great! It’s often cheaper, It’s easy to browse items, find what you want, and have them effortlessly delivered, exactly as you’d expect.

Returns are usually easy too, with some companies even paying to send your return back. Sadly this doesn’t work for all industries, and the flooring and carpet industry falls into this category.

For this reason we don’t sell our carpets laminate flooring or vinyl online, and we’d advise you not to purchase from the websites which appear to be cheaper either.

Here’s why.

Buying a carpet, whether you’re giving your whole home a makeover or you’re just sprucing up can be a big purchase. It’s going to be something you see and feel every day, it will last for years to come, therefore it’s not something you’re going to change too often.

For those reasons, we think that coming in store and experiencing our products in person is the only way to buy flooring.

Buy Your Carpets In Store From Us

When you come in store you’ll be dealing with friendly local people who are only too happy to help you get the floor you desire, backed up with over 25 years worth of experience. Making your purchase in store you’ll enjoy:

  • As a smaller local retailer with over 25 years in our current shop we can offer the latest carpets and flooring from major manufacturers and wholesalers.
  • Friendly local retailer prices – Up to 30% less than major high street stores on carpets, underlay, fitting and accessories.
  • Experienced local fitters who have worked with us for many years.
  • Our professional measuring service means that you’ll get the correct size carpet to fit your rooms, without needing to worry about measuring yourself (check out our free carpet estimate service)
  • You are welcome to call into our shop where you can see your carpet, your exact carpet, the colour, the feel, the texture. (or let us come to you with our in-home service)
  • You can get honest advice on exactly what you want, the good points and the bad, what will suit your needs most.
  • We don’t try to sell you carpets that we will make more money on, we don’t get paid on bonus schemes.
  • Buying from a local store will give you a great price, a showroom and peace of mind knowing that everything is arranged and will be done on the arranged day.

The Pitfalls Of Buying Your Carpets And Flooring Online

Buying carpets and flooring over the Internet can be cheaper. That is true. However, is the saving on the sticker worth it? No, we don’t think so, that’s why we don’t do it any more.

There’s sadly so many reasons why buying carpets and flooring online just doesn’t work, we think it’s only fair to warn you what you’re potentially letting yourself in for.

A Poor Buying Experience

Shopping online for things like clothing can be fun! But carpets and flooring? You’ll be going through carpet by carpet, looking at small square sample style carpet pictures. You can’t get a true representation of the colour, the thickness, the feel or any of the characteristics of the carpet.

Delivery – It’s over to you!

Carpets and flooring are heavy items! a good quality carpet for a lounge diner can weigh over 100kg and many are 5m wide. Most online flooring companies will use 3rd party delivery companies, and use what’s known as ‘kerbside’ delivery.

This means they’ll deliver it to you door, and that’s all. They usually don’t have to help to get the carpet in your home, once it’s off the van, it’s over to you. Getting a large heavy roll of carpet into your house is not an easy task, even tougher if it’s for an upstairs room or you live in an upstairs flat!

Online deliveries can be troublesome, and you have to rely on both the online retailer getting the carpet to the delivery company, and then the delivery company getting it to you. There can be miscommunication, which is never good. – If you’ve taken the day off work to have your carpet delivered and it doesn’t arrive, you’ll be rightfully upset.

Fitting – Finding A Carpet Fitter

Buying your flooring online means you need to get it fitted, which means finding a reliable fitter. You’ll have to find one you can trust, find one who is professional and find one which is within your budget. If the fitter does not turn up or is otherwise unreliable, you’ll have to find another.

If you’ve never used a fitter before or know of a fitter, then you’ll have to rely on blind judgement that he’s good, and doesn’t ruin your nice new flooring.

If your delivery is due to come and then for some reason doesn’t, you’ll have to explain to the fitter you’ve booked that your carpet isn’t actually here for him to fit.

Returns Are Difficult And Stressful If Not Impossible

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations (formerly known as the Distance Selling Regulations) you usually have 14 days to return something bought online, right? Yes, but there are several exceptions, which carpets and other flooring can fall under.

If you buy something custom made or bespoke, this is exempt from the consumer contracts regulations. This means if you buy a carpet, it has to be cut at the source, specifically for you, making it a bespoke product.

If you fit the carpet and then suddenly discover that it’s not the correct carpet you saw online, or it didn’t look like it did online, there’s sadly not a lot you can do.

If you find a carpet retailer who’s willing to accept a return, there’s usually stringent terms and conditions, which can be arranging and paying for the return yourself which could cost small fortunes, having to waste another day waiting in for it to be picked up, and then paying a re-stocking fee as the carpet has been cut for you. – Of course that’s if they accept your return at all.

On That Note

Can buying your carpet or flooring online be cheaper? Yes. But as you can see, it’s a minefield. We strongly advise coming in store to buy your carpet, so if you’re in North Shields pop into our shop and see your next carpet in person.