The Best Carpet For A Baby’s Room

Something we are often asked by prospective parents is “what carpet should I put down in baby’s room?”

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There are several things to bear in mind when you come to choose a carpet for your baby’s room. Personally, I think that first and foremost you should think about easy maintenance and the type of fibre you want the carpet to be made from.

I’d recommend something that is fairly soft to the touch, but with a pile that is not overly long. As baby develops and begins to enjoy floortime and begins to crawl then you really want a surface that is soft and certainly nothing harsh. A decent polypropylene twist like Kaleidoscope fits the bill perfectly. It is made from stainfree fibre, so you can easily clean anything from it and the pile feels soft and reasonably silky to the touch. As it is a twist pile carpet, it is easy to vacuum and the colour range is simply excellent.

I’d definitely fit a super cushioned PU underlay underneath – something like Richstep or Deepstep would fit the bill perfectly and give support and cushion as baby tumbles around. For this reason, I’d personally avoid smooth floors in baby’s room.

Although wool carpets can be soft and are certainly heavy wearing (at least the better ones are!), I’d personally steer clear of them for young babies. They do tend to shed a fair bit when first fitted and you might prefer a bleach cleanable fibre instead for the inevitable accidents that will occur.

If your budget allows you to move to the £10-£15 per square metre range then Hamilton Twist or Primo Plus would both be excellent choices. If you can push the boat out as far as Cormar’s Sensation then that also might be worth considering. Starting at £19.99 per square metre, the fibre is easy clean and feels absolutely fabulous. The only downside to this range is the lack of colour, but if you are livening up the walls or accessories in the room then this may not be an issue.

To give you a guide on price, if baby’s room is 4m x 3m then the prices would come out like this:

Kaleidoscope: £192-£220 fully fitted with underlay (exact price depending on underlay choice).

Hamilton Twist/Primo Plus: £228-£256 fully fitted with underlay (exact price depending on underlay choice).

Sensation: £276-£304 fully fitted with underlay (exact price depending on underlay choice).

As you can see, the price of a very good carpet for your baby, fully fitted with a good underlay is not going to break the bank and let’s face it, you are going to get a lot more life out of it than with the vast majority of things you will be buying for your baby!