Need A Sample?


We do not post out samples to customers. The main reason that we do not offer samples by post is that because of the costs involved they can only ever be very small samples. Lots of samples sent out to customers by shops and manufacturers are around 2 inches by 2 inches – we just don’t think you can make a reasoned judgement from a sample that size. We also receive many requests from people outside of our delivery area and as we only supply the area local to our shop on Tyneside, there really is no point in us posting you a sample if you are many miles from us.

If there is a sample you would like to borrow from our store then this can be arranged or if we are coming to measure then we can bring samples for you to consider in your own home of course.


2 responses to “Need A Sample?

  1. Hello, i have 2 rooms done in the palm beach plain colour carpet colour 69 and have been unable to get any more in carpet shops in glasgow. Please can you send me a 2by2cm of this, to let me check its the same carpet/colour please? Address 7 Napier Hill, East Kilbride G75 0JW. And if correct, would i be able to purchase the required amount from yourself for delivery to my home? Many thanks.

    • Sorry, but we don’t post samples out. This website is not designed to sell nationally – we only supply and fit in and around Tyneside. You should be able to get that carpet easily in your area though – it is a current range.

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